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Barbara Porsch – Herb Enthusiast

I decided to talk about Calendula -Calendula officianalis - this month because IF you can find it, now is a good time to plant it in your garden.  For years, I tried to get it to sell at our plant sale. Finally soaked in that now is t

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by Barbara Porsch Sweet bay is the familiar laurel in Greek and Roman mythology and history. It was dedicated to Apollo, the sun god, and boughs of the tree were circled into crowns to decorate war heroes, athletes, poets and scholars and was used as a part of weddings and funerals

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By Master Gardener Herb Enthusiast Barbara Porsch

  We haven’t talked about parsley in a long time, so let’s talk about parsley this month. It is without a doubt, the most used and least eaten herb in the world. It is always used as


By Barbara Porsch Herb enthusiast

In flower language, lavender means devotion. So what better herb to talk about right before Valentine’s Day than lavender, Lavandula spp. Lavender has a long history. In the Bible, it was called spikenard, and bef

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November By Barbara Porsch – Herb Enthusiast Guess why I chose Sage. Of course, it is because this is the month for Thanksgiving and no other herb is associated with that holiday more than Sage in the dressing for the Thanksgiving turkey. The name of sage, Salvia, comes from the

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October--Herb of the Month By Barbara Porsch—Herb Enthusiast   I am choosing Basil as the herb of the month now as a warning to use as much of your Basil as possible before the first frost.  Basil will be the first herb to succumb to even a little frost.  Basil, Ocimum b

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September Herb of the Month-Lemongrass.Cybopogon citratus By Barbara Porsch—Herb Enthusiast   Lemongrass, a tender perennial, is an aromatic clump grass with bulbous stems with a growth pattern similar to pampas grass. The foliage is strongly lemon scented and can be uti

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Herb of the Month By Barbara Porsch—Herb Enthusiast   Mint is returning in full force, especially if you made the mistake of planting it in the ground. The only drawback to growing mint is that it is a rampant spreader and must be restricted. Mint was selected as Herb of

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Herb of the Month by Barbara Porsch—Herb Enthusiast   Bon appetit magazine hit the nail on the head when they said “More than just a garnish, chives are the breakout star of the onion family, awakening every dish they touch.” Onion chives, Allium schoenoprasum, and Garli

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