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By Master Gardener Herb Enthusiast Barbara Porsch

  We haven’t talked about parsley in a long time, so let’s talk about parsley this month. It is without a doubt, the most used and least eaten herb in the world. It is always used as


By Barbara Porsch Herb enthusiast

In flower language, lavender means devotion. So what better herb to talk about right before Valentine’s Day than lavender, Lavandula spp. Lavender has a long history. In the Bible, it was called spikenard, and bef

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Barbara Porsch – Herb Enthusiast

I decided to talk about Calendula -Calendula officianalis - this month because IF you can find it, now is a good time to plant it in your garden.  For years, I tried to get it to sell at our plant sale. Finally soaked in that now is t

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