by Carl White, Master Gardener   We are all familiar with the sounds of summer including bird calls, trilling of crickets, drone of bees and most incessant is the buzzing of the cicada. Of the Order Hemiptera, these are true bugs and are closely related to leafhoppers, frog

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by Carl White     Learning to recognize the insects of the garden is so helpful in order that we don’t destroy the beneficial predators which aid us. Now who, among us, would love to see this monster on our flowers? But actually, they do us no harm if left alone and

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Master Gardeners Carl White, Bee Enthusiast, and Ron Nelson BeeKeeper

  The soft buzz around the flowers, the constant flow of bees from the hive and one knows honey is in the making. However, the future of bees is in question at present, as the decline of hi

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By Karen Miller, Master Gardener Entomology Specialist   Our “Ask a Master Gardener” program has received several inquiries about a pale green to brown or black worm, striped with white to yellowish lines from head to toe and munching on our warm season turf grasses.  These

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By Karen Miller, Master Gardener Entomology Specialist   Are you one of the people who enjoying sitting on your porch at night listening to the crickets chirp? Is the sound relaxing or does it get on you last nerve? Whether you like or hate the sound, it is made by the male

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By Karen Miller, Master Gardener Entomology Specialist   Most of us consider the Pill bug, aka Rollie Pollie or woodlice, a pest especially in large numbers. Though they are associated with insects and are called “bugs”, they are really crustaceans and more closely related

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