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Your Thumb Isn’t Brown

Your Thumb Isn’t Brown   By Debbie Roland, Compost Specialist     “I can’t grow anything.  I have a brown thumb” my friends tell me.  To which I say “I can teach you how.”  And, I start explaining.  But I can see in their eyes that they are already overwhelmed and have that far away look that Jackson, my ever-patient husband, gets when I tell him about a new project I dreamed up  for us (which means him - to do).  So here it is – step by step information on a small scale. So what if you put it to a simple test?  What do you have to lose?  Fall is the perfect time.   Your soil will have about 5 m

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Texas Superstars

Do you have a Texas Superstar? Carol Siddall, Master Gardener texas-superstars-pic   What's a Superstar you may be asking? I asked the same question before I became a Master Gardener over 12 years ago. I will try and relay what it means to become a Texas Superstar. It is not an easy task to become one. Only the toughest, most reliable and best looking plants are given that name. Every plant that earns that name ha

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Fairy Garden

DO YOU HAVE A FAIRY IN YOUR GARDEN? Carol Siddall, Master Gardener fairy-garden-pic-small   Fairy Gardens have become increasingly popular in the home garden. While evidence of a true fairy existence is slim to none, it can be a new project with your young child or your grandchildren. I never thought much about Fairy Gardens until we saw bunches of them at our Texas Master Gardener Conference this past May in McK

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Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Mint Marigold – favorite herb in September by Barbara Porsch Permian Basin Master Gardener Herb Enthusiast   mexican-mint-marigoldsmall     Mexican Mint Marigold is a crazy name for this delightful herb. Texas Tarragon or Sweet Marigold are both better suited to Tagetes lucida which has no relationship whatever to mint.If you purchased this plant at our plant sale earlier this year

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Squash Bugs

SQUASH BUGS, UGH! Karen Miller, Entomologist Specialist Master Gardener squash-and-bugs-copysmall     As Master Gardeners we are here to answer questions regarding gardening. This summer we have been bombarded with questions regarding squash bugs. I hope this article will answer some of those questions. The squash bug (Anasa tristis) is in the Order Heteroptera and Family Coreidae, known as tr

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Soils, Soils, Soils

Potting Soil, Compost, Garden Soil? By Debbie Roland, Compost Specialist Permian Basin Master Gardener soil picYou stand at the garden center and stare at the bag, potting soil, garden soil, compost. Gardeners have their own lingo. Knowing the difference between soil, dirt, compost and potting soil will give you the edge you need to grow your best yard yet in West Texas. Dirt is something we swe

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When You Have Too Many Veggies

WHEN YOU HAVE TOO MANY VEGGIES Barbara Porsch, Master Gardener johns-tomatoes-small There often is a time about now when the garden has been producing like crazy that you liken it to a political campaign. Cannot wait for this madness to be over! I am not ashamed to admit it has crossed my mind. Your poor counter top hasn’t seen the light of day for weeks because it is covered up with squash, cucumbers and now maybe okra, o

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Mud Daubers

THIS INSECT BUILDS HIS HOUSE WITH MUD! Karen Miller, Entomology Specialist Mud dauber is a common name given to a number of wasps that build their nest from mud. Also called “dirt dauber”, “dirt dobber” or “mud wasp”, these wasps are from the order Hymenoptera and the family Sphecidae. Adult mud daubers are ¾ to 1 inch in length and, depending on the species, vary in color from dull black to black with bright yellow markings to iridescent blue black. The feature that best identifies the mud dauber is its long, narrow waist – the section between the thorax and abdomen. Mud daubers are solitary insects and like most wasps, they are predators. They sting their prey with paralyzing v

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