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Planting Tomatoes

Planting Tomatoes Now

by Jim Longstreet

Now is the time to plant your tomato seeds inside to get ready for an April planting outside. That advice is for gardeners of the “set it and forget it” variety who do not want to worry about frost and are willing to wait for April 15 when the danger of frost is usually gone. But if you are diligent and conscientious and if you want a longer growing period for your plants to flower and set fruit, then you can courageously plant your tomato plants outside even now. By June 15 the morning lows are usually above 70 degrees when the larger tomato plants all but stop setting fruit for the summer. But if you plant now, you can usually mor

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Pests on Roses

Pests on Roses

by Karen Miller, Permian Basin Master Gardener Entomology Specialist

  With Spring just around the corner, our roses are beginning to leaf out. Insects are also coming to life. Insect eggs that were deposited in the fall and survived the winter will begin to hatch, and the insects that burrowed into the soil or leaf litter will be emerging as the days get warmer. These pests will be looking for a good meal after their long winter’s nap. Roses are a target of some of these hungry survivors. Identification is the first step to controlling the in

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Composting with Worms

Worm Composting or Vermiculture by Nancy Donovan

maryann worm bed
My name is Red. I’m a composting worm. Most people just call us red wigglers. My friends and I are very beneficial to your plants because we help recycle your kitchen garbage that you would have thrown out. We give you compost called Vermicote or casting but it’s really just worm poop. Some people call this liquid gold

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Container Gardening

NO ROOM - NO PROBLEM Carol Siddall, Master Gardener container garden pot Moving into a garden home or patio home, but you still like to garden? You still can - CONTAINER GARDENING is the answer. More and more people are turning to container gardening because of reduced yard space, but also because it is easier to garden with containers as we get older. Not having to bend and dig in a 

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Creating a Special Garden with your Children

Creating a Special Garden with your Children by Geriann Green, Permian Basin Master Gardener Junior Master Gardener Specialist

jmg tire pots
Dirt and kids go together, for some like partners. Many children really do enjoy working in the soil, watching things grow, and maybe eating the fruits of their labors.  A fun children’s gardening project is to create a planter that is all their own. Usin

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Simply Fabulous Gourds

Simply Fabulous Gourds Kathleen Cox Permian Basin Master Gardeners gourds pinguin If you grew or purchased gourds this year, there are many things you can do with them.  Simple objects like bird houses or feeders are popular and fun, but if you like an artistic project, you can carve and decorate them elaborately. Examples of decorated gourds are online and in locally available books.  When th

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Composting in the Desert

COMPOSTING IN THE DESERT By Debbie Roland, Compost Specialist So what is composting and what’s the big deal? All composting works on the concept that organic waste (anything that comes from plants or animals that is biodegradable.) will break down into a rich natural soil amendment if the conditions are right.  Composting is the same wherever you live, but different rules are suggested for desert composting.  It’s a challenge to compost with high winds, intense sun and low humidity so the old rules have been tweaked to better ensure success. Your ideal bin should be a 3’ square that is open on the top and bottom. Use a bin with solid sides so that you can better manage the airflow t

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Spice up your life this winter with a kitchen herb garden. by Master Gardener Barbara Porsch – Herb Enthusiast

Now that most of the decorations are down and winter doldrums are trying to set in, fend them off by spicing up your life and foods by cooking with herbs. Going into my favorite grocers the other day I noticed huge racks of beautiful herbs at the exit. All of these herbs can be grown in the winter, and if you have a bright sunny window you can have a kitchen herb garden. It is so handy to pinch off a leaf here and there to flavor your food. If you don’t have the requisite bright sunny window, these herbs can be grown outside in a warm sunny bed. For convenience, it is

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